Q: What do I need to race?

A: Car or Truck, Radio, Charger, ( MY Laps Transponder recommended but not required ) 

Q: Do I need to commit every Sunday?

A: No, However attendance for classes is important. 3 cars must be entered to hold a race for that class.

Q: Are there member fees?

A: See Pricing page for all details.

Q: Does Hillside sell products?

A: No, However we do have a Facebook members group for buying and selling vehicles and parts.

Q: Why a gate fee if I am racing?

A: We are guests of the New England Dragway. A small $5 gate fee per person grants you access to not only Hillside RC but the events at the drag way including food vendors and restrooms. Your gate fee is paid through Hillside staff on race day.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Cash is the best and most convenient option for us but we do take credit cards.